Dreamland with Yury Revich


Dreamland with Yury Revich

17th of December, 2019 - 7.30 p.m.

Painters' Hall - London

Stars team up for an excellent cause and stunning evening of high-class entertainment.Internationally renowned artists have come together to perform a unique once-in-a-lifetime gala event for the benefit of UNICEF UK. 

We invite you to join this multi-specialty event of the very best in music, dance, visual art and theatre. Featuring Stradivari Violinist Yury Revich, the legendary Ute Lemper (Laurence Olivier award winner), international star actress Sunnyi Melles, Brazilian principal dancer for the Royal National Ballet Thiago Soares, inspirational speaker Judymay Murphy, visual artist Benoit Benichou, pianists George Harliono, Matthieu Esnult and Yuliya Draganova and other similarly spectacular performers.

With the kind support of the Painters Hall, Michele Codoni, “Friday Nights with Yury Revich”, Chocolate and Love. 
This is set to be one of those evenings that will be talked about for decades as well as being a highlight of your Christmas season.


Yury Revich (violin)

Ute Lemper (vocal)

Thiago Soares (dance)

Sunnyi Melles (theater)

George Harliono (piano) 

Matthieu Esnult (piano)

Yuliya Draganova (piano)

Judymay Murphy (inspirational poetry)

Benoit Benichou (visuals)

Garments from Richard Malone archive