Dreamland with Yury Revich

Yury Revich


Yury Revich OLARIO:

UNICEF Austria Ambassador, ECHO Award and International Classical Music Awards Winner, Stradivari violinist and composer, Yury Revich plays internationally as a violinist and composer in halls such as Carnegie Hall, the Wiener Musikverein, the Berlin Philharmonic, Tokyo Metropolitan, the Milan La Scala and many others.

He was commissioned to compose and perform for the main stage of Dubai World Expo.

He was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to create a piece that brings together 100 musicians from around the world to play for our planet Earth.

– In 2021 he co-wrote the hit ByeByeBye for Michaele Schulte, which landed in the top 20 of the official German charts;

– In September 2022, Yury Revich was in the top 100 on the Billboard Classical chart.

Early 2023 he just finished composing music for the new film produced by Oscar nominee and Emmy Winner Oren Moverman.

His piece “Nocturne” was a soundtrack for the short film by VOGUE about Ukrainian ballet dancers.

In 2023 3 tracks from his album with music of Chevalier de Saint-Georges were included in Bridgerton soundtrack.

Premiere of his First Symphony “Kaleidoscope” in London, and other music premieres played by Berlin Symphony Orchestra and Munich Symphony Orchestra.

2023 will see his debuts as composer and performer at the international festivals around the world, as well as special events like Cannes Film Festival (joined by Leonardo Di Caprio, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, Sharon Stone etc), and his first international festival in Vienna: FESTIVAL NIGHTS 2023

Yury is passionate about working with different art forms and connecting them with music. 

Humanitarian and Artisti Direction Work:

His expertise also is in organizing interdisciplinary events and campaigns for important causes.

He and his team have succesfully organized around 80 events in the past 7 years, including Multidisciplinary projects http://www.fnights.com,  major Autism Awareness campaign https://youtu.be/Vpj3hhsr2Y4, Dreamland Project for UNICEF http://www.dreamland-charity.com , Climate Nights sustainability awareness events http://www.climatenights.com


Philanthropist since he was 18 and a great supporter of various charitable causes, Yury organized in Vienna a concert in 2011 for the victims of the Japanese tsunami, and in 2015 the first Austrian Charity Gala “All for Autism”, which happened to be one of the biggest events dedicated to raising autism awareness in Europe. He became an official ambassador of UNICEF Austria in 2017.

Yury, why are your charity projects important to you?

As a public figure, I have the possibility to reach a bigger community to raise awareness for social causes, themes, and projects. I am aware of my fortunate position – to be able to live my dream as musician and play violin – but I also know that many people are far less blessed and live in difficult situations.

My humanitarian work and engagements are my way to pay it forward.

“Dreamland with Yury Revich for UNICEF” staged for the first time in Vienna in 2017. Since then, it successfully raised funds for the Water Project of UNICEF Austria and helped to build a proper water system in many schools around Syria.

“Dreamland” is a place where the dreams come true. Together we can help children who are in difficulty to create their own dreamland: a place that has peace, education, and proper health care.

How it started…

In June 2017, Yury Revich played at the opulent and amazing opening of the famous Viennese Life Ball.

It is the worldwide biggest charity event in support of HIV/Aids and is live broadcasted in many countries.


As part of “Friday Nights with Yury Revich“, a concert was organized in June 2016 in support of the charitable organization “Dancer Against Cancer/MY Aid“. The net gain of this event was donated to an onco-psychological institution.

The net profit of this crossover-concert supported the integration initiative “Voices of Refugees Choir”, under the supervision of Kerem Sezen. The choir was given the possibility to play together with famous artists such as Yury Revich or actress Mercedes Echerer.


Yury Revich initiated the charity Gala concert “All for Autism” for the Austrian Umbrella Association for Autism in Austria in 2015.

With music as a universal language, this crossover project has the possibility to reach different interest groups and thus rises awareness for autism.

We are very happy that this public work shows first results as with beginning of 2018, the diagnosis can be cleared through the legal Austrian social security. 

This successful concept is still going strong, and another concert took place on 28th of April 2019 at the famous Wiener Musikverein.